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Chilling moment two women walk hand-in-hand with murder victim, 26, to his hotel room at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas before he was shot dead minutes later

In a chilling turn of events, security cameras at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas captured the haunting moments before the murder of 26-year-old Bryan Altamirano-Solano. The newly released footage reveals two suspects, Erika Covington and Arionna Taylor, both 20, walking hand-in-hand and laughing with the victim, just minutes before the fatal incident occurred.

The video, obtained by KLAS, shows Covington and Taylor meeting Altamirano-Solano at the valet area of the hotel and casino in the early hours of May 15. They agree to accompany him to his room, and the trio can be seen strolling down a hallway towards his destination at 2:36 am. Shockingly, a mere 14 minutes later, the same surveillance cameras capture Covington and Taylor rushing back down the hallway, this time clutching what authorities suspect to be Altamirano-Solano’s bag.

Earlier this month, Covington and Taylor were indicted on charges of murder and burglary. The victim met his tragic end from a single gunshot wound to the chest. Investigators were able to connect the suspects to the crime through evidence found in Altamirano-Solano’s room, including a bullet that matched one found at a separate crime scene involving Taylor.

Further scrutiny of Covington’s Instagram account revealed that she was indeed present at Caesars on the night of the shooting, as she was seen wearing the same attire captured in the surveillance footage. The police report highlighted that Covington and Taylor were both tagged in the same Instagram posts, confirming their association as cousins.

Authorities apprehended Covington and Taylor on May 17 during a search of their apartment, where they discovered the clothing worn in the video as well as a Glock magazine. Initially, Covington denied being at Caesars on the night of the crime, but she changed her statement when confronted with surveillance footage images. She then requested legal representation, abruptly ending the interview.

Taylor, on the other hand, claimed to have a faulty memory due to a previous car accident. She vaguely recalled spending time with her mother on Mother’s Day, which coincided with the incident, before going to bed at Covington’s residence. Taylor asserted that she had no recollection of the day and urged the detectives to do their job.

Soon after the shooting, surveillance footage captured Covington and Taylor getting into a stolen white vehicle outside the Linq hotel before fleeing the area. It is worth noting that the room in question was booked by an entirely separate woman who had met Altamirano-Solano on a texting app a week prior. They had arranged to meet for a sexual encounter, and the woman left the hotel around 1:00 am to return home. Altamirano-Solano, a Nicaraguan native with limited English proficiency, remained in the room unnoticed for approximately eight hours until his body was discovered by a hotel staff member.

The suspects claimed they had difficulty communicating with Altamirano-Solano and had to rely on a translation app. Covington and Taylor have since pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against them, prolonging the legal proceedings surrounding this tragic and chilling incident.

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