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A Heartrending Journey Begins: Seeking Answers in the Tragic Demise of a Delightful Toddler

In a quest for closure, an emotional journey commences as an inquest sets out to unravel the heartbreaking circumstances surrounding the untimely demise of a delightful and vivacious young girl, Maddison Rose Patricia Halliday. At the tender age of just two days past her first birthday, Maddison tragically succumbed to an inexplicable fate on October 21 of the previous year at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Her passing came shortly after her transfer from North Manchester General Hospital, leaving her family devastated and yearning for answers.

Amidst a solemn hearing on a somber Tuesday morning, Area Coroner Zak Golombek solemnly initiated the coronial proceedings, in the presence of Maddison’s grief-stricken father, Josh Halliday. The attendance was a testament to the unwavering love and dedication a parent holds for their departed child.

Phillip Dawber, the Police Coroners Officer, somberly confirmed that Maddison was born on October 19, 2021. The court listened intently as the events of October 20 unfolded—a day that forever altered the course of this young life. Maddison suffered an “unresponsive episode” at her home, leading to her immediate admission to North Manchester General Hospital. Tragically, her condition necessitated her transfer to the Paediatric Critical Care Unit at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, where she ultimately succumbed to her ailment the following day.

On November 8, Police Coroners Officer Mr. Dawber reached out to Maddison’s grieving parents, Josh and Shannon Halliday, who confirmed their daughter’s affiliation with Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. They had been by her side during her final moments, a testament to the profound bond shared between a parent and their child.

During the poignant hearing, Mr. Golombek revealed that he had meticulously reviewed the post-mortem report prepared by Dr. Gemma Petts. The report attributed Maddison’s tragic demise to multi-organ failure caused by Meningococcal Septicaemia. Additionally, Mr. Golombek referenced the clinical case review conducted by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, which uncovered several concerns and inadequacies pertaining to Maddison’s care.

Previously, the Manchester Evening News had provided an in-depth account of the clinical case review, outlining the harrowing series of events leading up to Maddison’s untimely passing. The report shed light on the regrettable delays that marred aspects of her care, adding a layer of urgency to the pursuit of justice.

Maddison’s devoted parents, Josh Halliday and Shannon Rhodes from Bury, have been acknowledged as interested parties in these proceedings, alongside the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. Their presence serves as a poignant reminder of the immeasurable loss they have endured and the desperate need for clarity.

In light of the complex circumstances surrounding Maddison’s tragic fate, Mr. Golombek has earnestly requested additional evidence from the hospital trust. This includes a comprehensive witness statement from the treating clinician, shedding light on the intricate details of Maddison’s medical journey. Furthermore, a position statement addressing a “causation issue” linked to the concerns highlighted in the clinical case review has been sought.

Last year, amidst their profound grief, Maddison’s parents, Josh Holliday and Shannon Rhodes, bravely shared their heart-wrenching experience with the Manchester Evening News. In poignant interviews, they lovingly depicted Maddison as an “amazing” and “happiest child” they had ever known. Their unwavering love and admiration for their beloved daughter were evident, as they sought solace in cherishing her memory. A comprehensive inquest into Maddison’s untimely passing will duly take place at Manchester Coroner’s Court, aiming to shed light on the circumstances surrounding this devastating loss.

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