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Whiskered Wonders Unveiled: Santa Monica National Recreation Area Delights in the Discovery of an All-Female Mountain Lion Litter in Simi Hills

As the vibrant season of spring embraces us, a delightful phenomenon ensues, bringing forth a myriad of endearing creatures. These bouncing babies, adorned with cute noses, wee whiskers, and irresistibly scritchable bellies, captivate our hearts.

While local farms and animal parks frequently share snapshots of their noteworthy newborns, stumbling upon photographs of wild offspring remains an elusive treasure.

Prepare to unleash a symphony of sighs and heartfelt “awwws,” for the Santa Monica National Recreation Area has just unveiled a series of captivating images showcasing an extraordinary furry revelation in the Simi Hills. National Park Service biologists, in an act of serendipity, stumbled upon an entire litter of female mountain lion cubs on May 18.

The trio of kittens, affectionately designated as P-113, P-114, and P-115, underwent a thorough examination while their mother, P-77, was temporarily away from the den. Utilizing telemetry technology to determine the opportune moment to approach, the researchers estimated the kittens’ age to be approximately 24 days, indicating their arrival in the latter part of April 2023.

P-77, a remarkable mountain lion of around 5 or 6 years, has previously been tracked bravely crossing freeways, including the renowned 101 and 118 freeways.

Curiously, the identity of the little ones’ father remains a mystery. The researchers divulge that they are not presently monitoring an adult male within the vicinity bounded by the 101 and 118 freeways. Hence, they speculate that the father of this enchanting litter likely journeyed from the Santa Susana Mountains before eventually returning.

Jeff Sikich, the esteemed lead field biologist of the NPS mountain lion study, shared his thoughts on this captivating development, remarking, “It will be interesting to learn how these kittens will navigate the landscape as they mature and disperse, particularly if they choose to remain within the Simi Hills or venture across freeways to explore larger natural areas.”

He continued, “The presence of new offspring within our modest population of mountain lions is truly heartening, especially considering the multitude of tragic losses we have documented over the past year.”

To immerse yourself in the wonder of these paw-some little ones and discover the fascinating details of their expedited check-ups during their mother’s brief absence, a scroll down awaits, revealing an enchanting visual journey.

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