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Tragic Collision Shakes Arkansas Community: Pastor’s Family Devastated as Daughters Lose Lives in Harrowing Train Accident

In a heart-wrenching turn of events that left the community reeling, an unfathomable tragedy unfolded in Clark County, Arkansas, involving a devoted pastor and his cherished family. The incident, which transpired last week on a fateful Thursday, inflicted irreparable losses upon the pastor’s two daughters while leaving him and his son with grave injuries. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and ABC affiliate KATV provided harrowing details, painting a devastating picture of the calamity that occurred when a Union Pacific train mercilessly collided with a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado traversing the tracks on Richwoods Road near Arkadelphia, a little before 2 p.m., local time.

Within the ill-fated vehicle stood Pastor Chad Fryar, accompanied by his three beloved children, two daughters, Marlee Jo and Dana Kate, and his son, embarking on an ordinary journey that would forever be marred by tragedy. Unbearably, it was confirmed through a heart-wrenching Facebook post from CrossRoads Cowboy Church, a place the Fryar family actively engaged with, that Marlee Jo and Dana Kate succumbed to their injuries, leaving an indescribable void in the hearts of those who loved them.

Following the catastrophic collision, Pastor Chad Fryar and his son, Bo Henry, were urgently transported to a hospital, their conditions initially critical. However, a glimmer of hope emerged amidst the darkness as news from the church provided a ray of optimism. Pastor Ron Riddle of Crossroads Cowboy Church, overcome with grief, implored the community to unite in prayer, beseeching for the healing of the shattered family.

At present, an air of silence engulfs the Arkansas State Police and Union Pacific Railroad, as no official response has been disclosed regarding the incident. Chad Fryar and his wife Rachel, instrumental figures in establishing the Bismark branch of CrossRoads Cowboy Church, find themselves surrounded by the unwavering support of their congregation, offering solace during this unfathomable time of sorrow.

The resilient church community, anchored by unyielding faith, gathers around the Fryar family, acknowledging their profound trust in God as an unwavering source of strength throughout the treacherous path that lies ahead. The comforting embrace of their faith provides a glimmer of hope amid the profound darkness that shrouds their souls.

In a bittersweet twist, Chad Fryar has been released from the hospital, his physical wounds serving as a constant reminder of the tragedy he endured. Meanwhile, his son, who underwent a formidable surgery on the night of the accident, defied initial expectations by exhibiting remarkable resilience. The church disseminated an update, brimming with cautious optimism, revealing that both father and son are gradually reclaiming their strength, inching toward recovery with each passing day.

As the Fryar family and their devoted community brace themselves for the arduous trials that await, they draw immeasurable comfort from the unwavering faith that has sustained them thus far. Enveloped by the unshakeable belief that there exists a greater design beyond human comprehension, Pastor Ron Riddle implores one and all to remain steadfast, holding onto the conviction that God remains in control, even in the face of such insurmountable adversity.

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