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The Harsh Reality of Chasing the “Ideal” Look: A Cautionary Tale of Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey

Zara Edgar, a 36-year-old woman from Manchester who spent thousands of pounds on surgery to attain the “Instagram look” in Turkey, is now speaking out and advising others against doing the same. Zara traveled to Turkey with her husband, Igel Edgar, a 39-year-old construction worker, and spent a considerable amount on dental implants, veneers, breast implants, and buttock augmentation.

Initially, Zara was thrilled with the results, but she now regrets her decision and warns others to “accept yourself the way you are.” In a recent interview with local media, Zara expressed her dissatisfaction, saying, “I wanted to enjoy wearing my bikini. Igel praised my appearance at the time. I wish I had trusted him. It feels like there is metal in my stomach. I’m very dissatisfied with it.”

Zara’s husband, Igel, also had dental implants and veneers, which did not turn out as he had hoped. He stated, “I was trying to attain that Instagram aesthetic, where everything is beautiful. Yet, I would never do it today; it is not worthwhile. Just let folks be aware to avoid doing this and to do as much research as you can.”

Zara and Igel sold their home in Manchester and traveled to Grenada, a Caribbean island, where they underwent surgery at a clinic they found on Instagram. The couple paid for a package that included the procedures and eleven nights in hotels. Zara’s surgery cost her £6,500, while her husband’s dental work cost £4,500, and they also spent an additional £1,000 on meals while they were there.

The Turkish company has refused to disclose the final amount paid by the couple, but they claim it was less than £16,000. The company also stated that the couple has a 20-year guarantee and can return for further treatment. Zara contacted the business and was told she could return, but she still regrets her decision and warns others to be cautious.

Zara’s advice is to “do as much research as you can” and not rely on Instagram as a resource for discovering surgery. She believes that taking care of your body is much more important than buying anything on a budget, and she now wishes she had accepted herself as she was before the surgery.

Plastic surgery can be a challenging procedure, and it is crucial to do thorough research before undergoing any surgery. Many individuals seek out plastic surgery to improve their appearance and feel better about themselves, but it is important to remember that surgery does not always lead to happiness. As Zara warns, “Just accept who you are as you are. Wish I’d done it. I really regret doing this. I’m very angry about it.”

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