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Texas Rep. Colin Allred announces challenge to Sen. Ted Cruz in 2024, slamming him as only caring about himself

In a surprising move, Representative Colin Allred (D-Texas) announced his candidacy to challenge Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s reelection bid in 2024. Allred criticized Cruz’s lack of empathy and care for Texans during times of crisis, pointing out his controversial actions during the January 6, 2021 insurrection and the winter storm that hit Texas in February 2021.

In a video posted on his Twitter account, Allred said he was ready to confront anyone involved in the January 6 insurrection, referring to a rioter’s comment that Cruz would want them to do it. The video showed how Cruz hid in a supply closet during the attack. Allred also accused Cruz of leaving Texans “freezing in the dark” while he went on a family vacation to Cancun, Mexico, during the winter storm that caused power outages for millions of people in the state.

Allred further criticized Cruz’s priorities, stating that he “spends months trying to whip up phony culture wars but not a minute trying to raise wages or lower drug prices,” and that “the struggles of regular Texans just don’t interest him.” Allred claimed that he was running to fight for the people of Texas who have been ignored by politicians like Cruz.

The video emphasized Allred’s background as a former NFL linebacker and how he has worked across party lines to support veterans, pass a new trade deal with Mexico, and bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States. Allred emphasized that Texans deserve a senator who is focused on their needs and interests, rather than just their own self-interest.

Although no Democrat has served as a senator representing Texas in three decades, Allred stated that he has taken down a lot of tougher guys than Cruz and that he is not deterred by the idea that a Democrat cannot win in Texas. The race is likely to be a rare opportunity for Democrats to pick up a Senate seat in a map that does not favor them.

Allred’s announcement has generated significant interest and speculation, particularly given his strong sports background and his record of bipartisanship. Many Texans are excited to see someone with Allred’s credentials and character challenge Cruz in the next election. Some supporters have expressed enthusiasm about Allred’s focus on local issues and his commitment to working across the aisle to find solutions.

In response to Allred’s announcement, Cruz’s team has launched an aggressive campaign to portray Allred as a “radical” and out-of-touch with the values of Texans. They have pointed to Allred’s support for progressive policies like Medicare for All and his opposition to some gun rights as evidence of his unsuitability for office. Cruz’s team has also emphasized the senator’s record of advocating for conservative policies like tax cuts and deregulation, which they argue has helped create jobs and boost the economy in Texas.

Despite these attacks, Allred’s campaign has gained momentum and support from across the political spectrum. Many Texans believe that his focus on bipartisanship and local issues, combined with his impressive sports background and leadership skills, make him a strong candidate for the Senate seat. Allred’s campaign is likely to be one of the most closely watched and hotly contested races in the 2024 election cycle.

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