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Shocking Subway Shoving Incident Results in Paralysis and Life-Threatening Condition

In a startling turn of events, prosecutors revealed on Wednesday that a 35-year-old woman, referred to as Emine, who had the misfortune of being thrust into a moving subway train, now finds herself paralyzed from the neck down and facing the grim possibility of succumbing to her injuries.

According to authorities, Emine was en route to her workplace when, in a horrifying twist of fate, a 39-year-old man named Kamal Semrade allegedly stealthily approached her from behind. With both hands firmly grasping her, he callously propelled her head into the path of a departing E train at the Lexington Avenue–63rd Street station.

The impact of this heinous act caused Emine’s face and head to collide mercilessly with the train before she was ruthlessly flung onto the platform, instantly rendering her immobile. Prosecutors disclosed that her injuries include a fractured spine, ruptured blood vessels, and shattered fingers, leaving her in a critical state of health, confined to a hospital bed.

Emine’s husband, Ferdi Ozsoy, while speaking to Nexstar’s WPIX on Tuesday night, shared the heartbreaking news that his wife was still recuperating from her surgery on the day of the incident. He conveyed a glimmer of hope by stating, “She’s hanging in there. We are doing our best to keep her spirits high.”

Presented before the court on Wednesday, Semrade faced charges of attempted murder and assault during his arraignment. He was promptly remanded without bail, and his next court appearance is scheduled for May 26.

Expressing gratitude towards the supportive citizens of New York, Ozsoy acknowledged their role in rallying around Emine during the harrowing incident, offering words of encouragement and reassurance that she would persevere through the ordeal.

It is worth noting that Emine, a distinguished artist hailing from Turkey, made a name for herself after relocating to the vibrant city of New York in 2017. Her artistic prowess has garnered recognition, with her work gracing the pages of prestigious publications such as Chicago Magazine, as proudly highlighted by her husband.

Ozsoy poignantly reflected upon the profound impact of this senseless act of violence, acknowledging the severe neck injury that has inflicted significant limitations upon his wife’s life. He further lamented that her mobility is expected to be considerably compromised, consequently casting a shadow over her daily existence. Yet, he clung to the eternal flame of faith and hope, emphasizing her youth, strength, creativity, empathy, and warrior-like spirit.

As of now, no immediate contact has been established with Semrade’s legal representative to obtain their perspective on the matter.

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