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Richmond County Pays Tribute to Shooting Victim, Demands Change

A profound event unfolded in Richmond County as numerous individuals devoted their weekend to paying tribute to a recent casualty of gun violence.

Shaneikwa Lafavor, a soul lost tragically in a shooting incident on East Taylor Street nearly a week ago, has left a man and an 11-year-old boy wounded. Sadly, no information regarding potential suspects or the circumstances leading up to the shooting has emerged thus far.

In commemoration of Shaneikwa’s memory, her family organized a gathering where the atmosphere resonated with the vibrant colors of pink, silver, and white balloons that soared above East Taylor Street.

Witnessing this poignant spectacle, Shaneikwa’s aunt, Cereika Mack, expressed her sentiments, stating, “I believe everything has unfolded in an astonishing and exquisite manner. She would have adored this. I believe she still does. Look at the balloons, everything. Some of them became entangled in the tree. She is still present.”

The balloons suspended in the nearby tree serve as a poignant reminder that Shaneikwa’s influence endures.

Her aunt emphasized, “She will persist within our family, among our friends, and in the hearts of everyone. Her daughter encounters her essence each passing day.”

For those acquainted with Shaneikwa and confronted with the grim aftermath of gun violence on a daily basis, the situation hits close to home. The pastor of her local church echoes this sentiment, urging for a transformative shift.

“Upon hearing about this, I couldn’t help but think, here we go again. Something needs to change. I was compelled to deliver a eulogy due to the scourge of gun violence. And now, just a month and a half later, I find myself having to deliver yet another eulogy as a consequence of this senseless violence,” Pastor Larry Carter lamented.

As the grieving family awaits answers and longs for justice to prevail in Shaneikwa’s case, they find solace in their faith, relying on God to guide them through these trying times.

“God will ensure justice prevails, and we will continue to uplift her name, her voice, and her precious children,” affirmed her aunt.

News 12 made efforts to reach out to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office for updates regarding this incident, but unfortunately, no information regarding potential suspects has been disclosed thus far.

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