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Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Called Meghan Markle ‘Evil’ in Private Conversation with Royal Family Members

The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, reportedly made a shocking remark about her grandson’s wife, Meghan Markle, calling her “evil” during a drinks reception at Balmoral just a month before her death. The statement was so unexpected that it caused a great stir among the Royal family members present, who had never heard the Queen speak in such harsh terms before.

According to a source close to the family, the comment was made in the context of a discussion about Harry and Meghan’s strained relationship with the rest of the Royal family, which had become even more difficult after their revealing interview with Oprah Winfrey. The insider revealed that the Queen had expressed regret about how things had turned out and blamed Meghan for the “complete catastrophe” that Harry’s marriage had become.

“Everybody’s eyebrows hit the ceiling when the Queen called Meghan ‘evil’,” the source told The Spectator. “It was out of character for the Queen to use such a word as ‘evil’ to describe Meghan, but she saw straight through her. It was a startling sentence to hear from the most forgiving woman on earth.”

The comment was reportedly made during a private conversation with a small group of people, and it is unclear who else was present. However, the source claims that the Queen’s deteriorating health was known to everyone at that point, and her regretful tone suggested that she may have been speaking from a place of frustration and disappointment.

While the exact reason behind the Queen’s remark is not clear, it is well known that Meghan and Harry’s relationship with the Royal family had been strained for some time, with the couple citing racism and lack of support as reasons for their departure from their royal duties. The interview with Oprah Winfrey had also caused a great deal of controversy, with some members of the Royal family reportedly feeling blindsided by the revelations.

Despite the shocking nature of the Queen’s comment, it is important to note that it remains unverified and has not been confirmed by any official sources. The Royal family is known for its strict code of silence and rarely speaks out publicly about private matters. However, the comment has certainly caused a stir in the media, with many commentators speculating about what it might mean for the future of the Royal family and Meghan’s relationship with Harry.

Some have suggested that the Queen’s remark may have been a sign of her frustration with Meghan and Harry’s decision to step back from their royal duties, while others have pointed out that the Queen has always been known for her diplomatic and measured approach to public statements. Still, others have suggested that the Queen’s comment may have been taken out of context, or that it may have been made in jest.

Whatever the truth behind the Queen’s comment, it is clear that Meghan and Harry’s relationship with the Royal family remains a source of great interest and speculation for the media and the public alike. As the couple continue to forge their own path outside of the Royal family, it is likely that their every move and statement will be closely watched and analyzed by the media and their fans alike.

In the end, only time will tell how Meghan and Harry’s relationship with the Royal family will play out, and whether the Queen’s comment will have any lasting impact on their standing within the monarchy. For now, however, the media will no doubt continue to speculate and analyze every detail of this intriguing and complex story.

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