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Mother Haunted by Screams: Baby’s Head Ripped Off During Childbirth, Family Shares Heartbreaking Ordeal

In a harrowing and unimaginable incident, a mother is haunted by the screams she believes she hears after her baby’s head was tragically ripped off during childbirth. Ranielly Santos, 34, experienced this horrific ordeal at Hospital das Clinicas da UFMG in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Her sister, Aryane Santos, 32, revealed the ongoing torment her sibling endures since the devastating incident.

According to eyewitness accounts, a doctor reportedly climbed onto Ranielly’s stomach and forcefully pulled her baby’s head off as she was in labor on May 1. The distraught mother and her husband, Victor da Silva, who witnessed the unspeakable scene, assert that their baby girl was alive as she began to emerge into the world.

Just two days after the failed delivery, Ranielly filed a complaint with the police, who have initiated an investigation into the possibility of manslaughter. However, the hospital administration has since made a startling claim, asserting that the infant girl would not have survived due to a preexisting lung defect. Astonishingly, the family denies ever receiving this information from the hospital.

Aryane Santos poignantly described the psychological and physical toll this tragedy has taken on her sister: “Mentally, I don’t even have the words to describe it. My sister only knows how to cry. She can’t sleep. When she succeeds, she wakes up with a start, thinking that she is hearing a scream. My sister’s breast is oozing milk. When she leaves, she cries, she says it’s the girl wanting to be breastfed. Also, she is very swollen, with water coming out of her pores. He can barely walk because of the 60 stitches. Her breast gives milk, and this is very sad, it is a trigger.”

The hospital, however, counters the family’s claims, stating that the baby’s premature birth at 30 weeks was complicated by Ranielly’s deteriorating health, including high blood pressure and generalized edema. The hospital management defended the decision to induce childbirth due to the severity of the maternal condition and the fetus’s inviability outside the womb.

The medical staff’s alleged actions during the delivery, as reported by the family to the police, are nothing short of horrifying. According to their account, the doctor climbed onto Ranielly’s belly and forcibly tore off the baby’s head. The family also reported that the doctor apologized for the tragic incident, and a social worker offered to cover the costs of the baby’s burial, but only if they agreed to sign documents stating that no further analysis would be conducted by the Legal Medical Institute (IML).

Heartbroken and seeking justice, the parents refused to sign the paperwork and proceeded to file a formal complaint with the police. The baby’s remains were subsequently examined at the IML, according to the family’s lawyer, Jennifer Valente.

The hospital expressed deep regret over the case and pledged to conduct a thorough investigation while awaiting the autopsy report. As the family grapples with immense grief and trauma, they hope that a comprehensive examination of the facts will bring answers and accountability in this heart-wrenching tragedy.

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