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Meghan Markle Skips Met Gala to Protect Her Brand Amidst Criticism and Public Scrutiny

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, made headlines again on Monday night as she decided to skip the highly anticipated Met Gala. There had been speculation for weeks about whether or not she would attend, but ultimately, the public was left disappointed. The 41-year-old royal had already announced her decision not to attend the upcoming King’s Coronation, but the Met Gala was still up in the air.

PR expert Kieran Elsby, the director of Media Global PR, weighed in on Meghan’s no-show, saying that he would have recommended it. He explained that the public is “very tired of her and Harry,” and the couple needs to “recalibrate” to protect their brand. According to Elsby, Meghan might have avoided the event because she didn’t want to compete with other celebrities for attention: “It comes back to celebrities wanting ‘All Eyes On Me’ and she wouldn’t have been anywhere near the big player in the room. So best to duck, dive and avoid until she can find an event all about her.”

Elsby also suggested that Meghan might have skipped the event to avoid having her ego bruised: “Maybe [she] dodged the event to stop an ego-bashing?” It’s no secret that the Duchess has faced her fair share of criticism from the media and the public in recent years, and Elsby believes that she may have wanted to avoid any further negative attention.

The Coronation is another event that Meghan has chosen to skip, but her husband, Prince Harry, is expected to attend. The couple reportedly waited “some time” for their invitation, and there were concerns about whether they would be welcomed. However, Omid Scobie, a royal expert, confirmed that Harry always intended to attend: “There was never any question about whether he would want to come or not, it was a question at one point of whether he would be invited.”

It’s clear that Meghan and Harry are no strangers to controversy and speculation, and their decisions regarding public appearances are always closely scrutinized. However, their absence from the Met Gala and the Coronation may be part of a larger strategy to protect their brand and reputation.

In recent years, the couple has faced a barrage of negative press, with some critics accusing them of being attention-seeking and self-centered. However, Meghan and Harry have also been praised for their commitment to social justice and their willingness to speak out on important issues.

Ultimately, their decision to skip the Met Gala and the Coronation may be a calculated move to avoid negative attention and focus on their philanthropic work. As Elsby explained, “It’s time for the pair to recalibrate and protect their brand from any further bashing.”

Only time will tell what Meghan and Harry’s next move will be, but one thing is certain: their decisions will continue to be closely watched and analyzed by the media and the public. Whether they choose to embrace the spotlight or retreat from it, their impact on the world of celebrity and philanthropy is undeniable.

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