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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Rare Appearance at Queen’s Jubilee Sparks Speculation: Lip Reader Unveils Sweet Exchange with Zara

Ever since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decided to step back from their royal roles and embark on a new life in the United States, their visits to the UK have become increasingly rare. However, on a handful of significant occasions, they have managed to make their presence felt. One such event was the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, which marked Queen Elizabeth’s remarkable 70 years on the throne. As the world eagerly awaited the Sussexes’ attendance, given their strained relationship with Harry’s family, their appearance at the event caused quite a stir.

While Meghan and Harry only attended one event during the four-day weekend of jubilee celebrations, it provided them with an opportunity to have a brief catch-up with Harry’s cousin, Zara, and her husband, Mike. The two couples were seen engaged in conversation on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral after the Service of Thanksgiving. Thanks to the work of a skilled lip reader, the exact words exchanged between Harry and Zara have now been revealed, including a sweet compliment from Meghan.

According to lip reader Juliet Sullivan, Harry and Zara exchanged a few words about the location of their cars. Harry remarked to his older cousin, “Love your outfit. I didn’t know what colors you would wear – blue, pink, orange.” Meghan chimed in, adding, “You look great.” It was a heartwarming interaction that showcased the friendly rapport between the family members, despite the public scrutiny surrounding the royal family.

While royal fans were eager to see if the brothers, Harry and William, would have a chance to cross paths during the event, they were purposefully kept apart, with assigned seats on opposite sides of the cathedral. Body language expert Judi James analyzed the dynamics between the two brothers, noting that despite the physical distance, William adopted a “barrier gesture.” She observed that Harry seemed resigned to being in the back row, displaying moments of anxiety interspersed with light-hearted exchanges with Zara as they searched for their cars. Meghan, on the other hand, remained poised and calm, providing support to Harry with a gentle touch on his back during their conversation.

The occasion marked a significant moment in the ongoing narrative surrounding the relationship dynamics within the royal family. The public scrutiny intensified following Meghan and Harry’s tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, where they made shocking allegations against the institution. The jubilee celebrations became an opportunity to observe the interactions between the Sussexes and other family members, offering glimpses into their current dynamics.

Despite the media attention surrounding Meghan and Harry, the focus was also on the late Queen, and the celebration served as a tribute to her extraordinary reign. The event itself was a momentous occasion, symbolizing the endurance and resilience of the monarchy. While the Sussexes’ attendance at only one event raised eyebrows, it is important to remember that the jubilee celebrations were a collective tribute to the Queen’s seven-decade reign, rather than a spotlight on individual family members.

As Meghan and Harry continue to navigate their new lives away from the royal spotlight, their rare appearances in the UK continue to generate fascination and speculation. Each interaction and exchange is scrutinized, offering glimpses into the evolving dynamics within the royal family. The lip-reader’s revelation of the warm exchange between Harry and Zara serves as a reminder that despite the publicized challenges and controversies, moments of genuine connection and support can still exist within the family.

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