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Father Charged with Manslaughter after Repeated Abuse Leads to the Killing of 2-Month-Old Boy

“The only positive thing to come from this is my sweet angel was able to save 2 other babies and one adult with his gifts of a heart, liver, and kidneys. My sweet angel deserves justice, and there is no sentence in prison that’s enough to get him that. I hope that evil monster gets what he deserves,” expressed Aonica Lex, the grieving mother, in a heartfelt Facebook post, referring to the horrifying death of her 2-month-old son, Ozzy McCutchen.

In a shocking turn of events, Hunter M. McCutchen, the 27-year-old father, has been charged with first- and second-degree manslaughter and child endangerment in connection with the boy’s tragic demise in Red Wing last week. The court hearing for McCutchen is scheduled for June 21, with his bail set at a staggering $500,000.

The criminal history of McCutchen reveals a troubling past, including two convictions for domestic assault and one for violating a court’s no-contact order, indicating a pattern of violent behavior.

Although the court records do not explicitly identify the baby, Ozzy McCutchen, his mother, Aonica Lex, took to Facebook to share detailed accounts of her premature birth, the brief life of her son, and the struggles she faced in her relationship with Hunter McCutchen.

While Lex has faced criticism for leaving her child in McCutchen’s care, she vehemently denies any intention to place her baby in the hands of a murderer. In a phone interview, she expressed her disbelief and emphasized, “I never would have done that.”

According to the criminal complaint, the Red Wing police and fire personnel responded to a distress call from Lex on May 23, reporting that her baby was not breathing. Upon arriving at the residence on Maple Hills, emergency responders found the infant unresponsive and rushed him to St. Marys Hospital in Rochester.

McCutchen, in his statement to a police officer, claimed that he was feeding the baby on the couch when he briefly stepped away, only to return and find the child unresponsive. He insisted that such an incident had never occurred before.

Disturbingly, Lex had noticed abnormal bruising on her baby in recent times and expressed concerns about leaving him alone with McCutchen, stating that he played too rough with the infant. X-rays conducted at the hospital revealed broken ribs and a broken collarbone in various stages of healing, indicating nonaccidental trauma. Medical professionals also discovered bleeding on the child’s brain and a loss of brain function.

In a distressing revelation, Lex shared photographs with a doctor, documenting injuries sustained by her baby in the past weeks. These images included broken blood vessels in the eye, facial bruises, and scratches. Lex also disclosed witnessing bruises on her son’s legs, back, chest, and face since he was just two weeks old.

Based on the severity of the injuries, medical experts concluded that the baby was a victim of excessive shaking. Lex, who had been contemplating leaving McCutchen due to his daily marijuana use, frequent alcohol consumption, and past violent behavior, took a significant step forward in seeking justice. In a recorded conversation, part of which she shared with the police, McCutchen admitted to harming the baby:

Lex: “How many times did you shake him?”

McCutchen: “I shook him once.”

Lex: “Why?”

McCutchen: “I don’t know, I just got so overwhelmed… I wasn’t thinking.”

Expressing her deep sorrow and anger, Lex responded, “I hope you don’t. … I won’t.”

The tragic death of Ozzy McCutchen serves as a chilling reminder of the devastating consequences of child abuse and the urgent need for justice. The heartbreaking loss of an innocent life has left the community shaken and outraged, demanding accountability for the heinous actions that led to this senseless tragedy.

As the investigation unfolds, the focus will remain on seeking justice for little Ozzy and ensuring that Hunter McCutchen faces the full extent of the law. The charges of first- and second-degree manslaughter and child endangerment reflect the severity of the crimes committed and the gravity of the harm inflicted on the defenseless child.

Authorities will also delve into the circumstances surrounding the case, exploring any possible red flags that may have been overlooked. Efforts will be made to determine if there were missed opportunities for intervention and if there were any signs of abuse that went unnoticed or unreported.

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