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Expert explains why Prince Harry won’t have a role in King Charles’ coronation

The Buckingham Palace has decided not to give Prince Harry any significant role at the upcoming coronation of his father, King Charles, despite the Duke of Sussex planning to attend the ceremony. Royal expert Gareth Russell believes that the Firm wants to avoid making the event more complex by involving Prince Harry in any important tasks during the crowning ceremony.

In an interview with US Weekly, Russell stated that it was not surprising that Prince Harry has not been given a role in one of the most historic events of the country. He said, “The decision was made not to complicate matters further by having him involved, simply because the royals are hoping that they can draw a line under the recent controversy with the Duke of Sussex.”

While Prince Harry may not be playing a significant role in the ceremony, he will still be there to support his father on his big day. His older brother, Prince William, and his son, Prince George, will have crucial roles at the ceremony. Prince George, who is 9 years old, will be one of the four Pages of Honour for his grandfather, while the Prince of Wales will present Charles with the Stole Royal and the Robe Royal at Westminster Abbey.

Russell believes that Prince Harry, like the King and Prince William, would regret not being present at the ceremony. He said, “So I think generally speaking, the consensus is it’s right that he’s there.” Russell added that it would be better if Prince Harry attended as King Charles’ son rather than a working prince of the United Kingdom.

The decision not to involve Prince Harry in the coronation ceremony highlights the ongoing tension between him and the Royal Family. Despite his controversial departure from royal duties and his move to the US with his wife, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s presence at the coronation is a testament to the importance of family ties.

The coronation ceremony is a significant milestone for King Charles, and the Royal Family would want the event to go smoothly. However, the absence of a significant role for Prince Harry may draw media attention and speculation about the ongoing rift between him and the Royal Family.

Russell believes that the decision not to involve Prince Harry in the ceremony is an effort to avoid any further controversy. He said, “The Royal Family has had a difficult time with Prince Harry’s departure and the fallout from that. They want to move on and put the controversy behind them.”

Prince Harry’s absence from the ceremony also raises questions about the future of his relationship with the Royal Family. While it is clear that his presence at the coronation is important, the decision not to involve him in the ceremony suggests that there is still tension between him and the Royal Family.

Despite the tension, the Royal Family has publicly stated that they want to mend bridges with Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle. The presence of Prince Harry at the coronation is a testament to their desire to maintain family ties, and it is hoped that this event will be the first step towards resolving their differences.

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