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Elder Abuse Case in Girard Leads to Arrest of Man with History of Drug and Mental Health Issues

In a harrowing case of elderly abuse, the Burke County Sheriff’s Office has apprehended an individual in Girard, linked to the said case, as per sources.

According to reports, the incident transpired between 7 and 11 p.m. on Wednesday when the 72-year-old victim was physically assaulted after a verbal altercation with the suspect, as confirmed by authorities.

Allegedly, the episode occurred at the victim’s residence on the 9000 block of Highway 23 South, where the accused asked her to assist him with something. When the victim refused, the suspect punched her in the face with a closed fist, as stated by deputies.

The victim then tried to confront the subject, but he put his hands around her neck, causing her to suffocate while repeatedly striking her on both sides of her chest, as per sources.

Moreover, the victim had reportedly considered reaching out to law enforcement authorities, but the suspect confiscated her mobile phone, as stated by deputies.

As per reports, the suspect intermittently returned throughout the night to where the victim was and mercilessly hit her with a large pillow on her head and legs, forcing her to stay awake throughout the night.

According to the victim, the suspect, Chadwick Washington, 43, struggles with drug addiction and mental health issues, authorities confirm. As a result, she was intimidated by him and waited until he left on Thursday afternoon to grab her belongings and leave.

Reportedly, she drove to her son’s house and subsequently decided to report the matter to the authorities after confiding in him, as stated by officials.

Moreover, the victim allegedly revealed that such incidents were recurrent, particularly when Washington was under the influence of drugs, deputies claim.

Subsequently, on Friday, Washington was taken into custody and charged with several offenses, including exploitation of the elderly, simple battery, and obstruction of 911 call, as per reports.

The victim’s ordeal, undoubtedly, highlights the prevalence of elder abuse in society and the need to address the issue proactively. Speaking about the incident, a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office stated, “We take any form of abuse, especially against vulnerable and elderly people, very seriously, and we will always act promptly to ensure justice is served.”

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