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Concerns Mount for King Charles as Experts Highlight Challenges Post-Coronation

Renowned royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams expresses apprehension about King Charles’ future reign, emphasizing the need for cautionary measures.

In an interview with GB News, Fitzwilliams shares his perspective, stating, “I think one of the problems – and this is something that King Charles is going to have to deal with – as we saw in the first set of photographs released after the highly successful coronation weekend, there were 12 working members of the royal family, of which only four were below the age of 70. So this does raise the point.”

The issue becomes more apparent considering that it will take years, or even decades, before Prince George, Princess Charlotte, or Prince Louis can contribute significantly to the royal duties.

Fitzwilliams does commend Prince George’s work ethic and professionalism during the Coronation event, remarking, “Of course, George and Charlotte and Louis played a role of one sort or another during the coronation weekend.”

He acknowledges the delight in seeing George as a page of honour but stresses that “it is obviously going to be a long time before any of them are able to participate in royal engagements actively.”

He highlights two crucial factors, stating, “Firstly, the Waleses are the future of the monarchy, there’s absolutely no doubt about it.”

However, he raises a pressing concern, asking, “Who’s going to take up all these hundreds of patronages at the moment which are currently vacant?”

These concerns arise shortly after King Charles made his intentions clear regarding working royals under his reign. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that even his sister, Princess Anne, disagrees with this arrangement.

Princess Anne shares her dissenting opinion with CBC News, stating, “I think the ‘slimmed-down’ [monarchy] was said in a day when there were a few more people around to make that seem like a justifiable comment.”

She expresses doubt, saying, “It doesn’t sound like a good idea from where I’m standing,” and adds, “I have to say, I’m not quite sure what else, you know, we can do.”

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