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Capturing History: Belfast Photo Festival Presents ‘Life Through A Royal Lens’ Exhibition, a Magnificent Collection of Photographs Documenting Royal Visits to Northern Ireland

Belfast Photo Festival is set to dazzle with the highly anticipated opening of the exhibition ‘Life Through A Royal Lens’ on June 1. This extraordinary showcase features a collection of 18 photographs capturing the essence of royal visits to Northern Ireland, including submissions from the public.

A captivating fusion of amateur and world-renowned photography, the exhibition proudly displays the works of iconic photographers such as Norman Parkinson, Annie Leibovitz, and Cecil Beaton, who have immortalized members of the Royal Family through their lenses over the years.

The exhibition showcases a diverse range of images, including photographs taken by fortunate members of the public who were graciously invited to royal garden parties hosted at the majestic Hillsborough Castle. These cherished snapshots capture unforgettable moments, including The Prince and Princess of Wales in 2016, Prince Harry in 2017, and the regal presence of HM King Charles in 2018.

Among the captivating photographs on display is a striking image from September 13, 2022, revealing the bustling streets of Royal Hillsborough, teeming with eager onlookers, eagerly awaiting the first visit of King Charles as Monarch to Northern Ireland. Another image from the same day portrays a poignant scene of King Charles and Queen Camilla observing the heartfelt floral tributes left in honor of the late Queen Elizabeth II outside Hillsborough Castle. Additionally, the collection includes a captivating snapshot of The King waving graciously to the crowds gathered at St Anne’s Cathedral during a reflective service dedicated to his beloved mother.

Further treasures within the exhibition feature Prince Edward at a Lisburn food bank in 2020, Princess Anne gracefully signing the visitor’s book at the Agricultural Research Institute in Hillsborough back in 1982, and a captivating image of King Charles, then Prince of Wales, engaging with crowds at Belfast City Hospital in 1996. An enchanting photograph of Queen Elizabeth II waving joyously to the enthusiastic crowds as she enters St George’s Market in Belfast in 2014 also graces the collection.

Expressing gratitude for the cherished photographs submitted by amateur photographers, Laura McCorry, the head of Hillsborough Castle and Gardens, shared her appreciation, stating, “Our team has thoroughly enjoyed looking through them and reading their individual stories and look forward to seeing these images alongside the work of world-renowned photographers to truly bring life to the story of royal image making at the exhibition.”

Prepare to be captivated as ‘Life Through A Royal Lens‘ takes you on an enthralling visual journey, offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of royal visits to Northern Ireland, immortalized through the lens of both esteemed professionals and passionate amateurs alike. Don’t miss this extraordinary exhibition that intertwines history, art, and the timeless allure of royalty.

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