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Biden’s Re-Election Campaign Hinges on Enthusiasm of Black Voters

The news article discusses the potential impact of Black voters on President Biden’s re-election campaign. Despite the Biden administration delivering billions of dollars to historically Black colleges and universities, appointing more Black judges to the federal bench than any other president, and lowering Black unemployment to a record low, some of Black voters’ major policy priorities, such as stronger federal protections against restrictive voting laws, student loan debt relief, and criminal justice and police accountability measures, have either failed or stalled. This has led to some disappointment and frustration among Black voters, who are questioning the Biden administration’s sincerity in addressing their issues.

The article highlights an emerging split between Black elected officials, who are nearly uniform in praising Mr. Biden and predicting robust Black turnout for him next year, and voters who are less sure. While the interviews with more than three dozen Black voters, organizers and elected officials indicate that Black voters are becoming tired and disappointed whenever their issues are never addressed, Representative James E. Clyburn of South Carolina, who was Mr. Biden’s most important Black surrogate in 2020, maintains that there is no lack of enthusiasm among Black voters for Mr. Biden.

The article suggests that the decline in Black voter engagement during the 2022 midterm elections could impact the outcome of the presidential election in 2024. While Democrats are confident that a vast majority of Black voters will choose Mr. Biden over a Republican, the question is whether the party will bring the same level of energy that led to Mr. Biden’s 2020 victory. The article emphasizes that even a small decrease in Black voter turnout could alter the outcome of elections in the most competitive states.

The article concludes by stating that Mr. Biden’s campaign will work hard to earn every vote and expand on its winning 2020 coalition. While his allies maintain that his administration has delivered for Black voters, the emerging split between Black elected officials and voters, along with the decline in Black voter engagement during the 2022 midterm elections, indicates that the Biden administration will need to address the policy priorities of Black voters to maintain their support.

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