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71-Year-Old Suspect Arrested with Fully Automatic Submachine Gun and Ghost Guns

In a startling discovery, San Jose Police Department officers found a vast arsenal of firearms in the home of a road rage suspect who had brandished a gun in a disturbing road rage incident. The suspect, identified as Michael Myers, aged 71, was reported to have brandished the firearm near the intersection of Quimby Road and Remington Way on April 13. The police responded quickly to the incident, and during the preliminary investigation, officers identified that the firearm had been brandished in a road rage incident.

However, the suspect fled the area, and it was only during a follow-up investigation that officers managed to locate and arrest him. On obtaining a search warrant, the officers proceeded to Myers’ residence, where they discovered and seized an alarming cache of firearms. The search and seizure operation yielded a total of 21 semi-automatic and bolt-action rifles, two shotguns, 16 handguns, including three privately made ghost guns, and a fully automatic submachine gun.

In addition to the firearms, the officers found over 10,000 rounds of ammunition, which could have been used to cause significant harm and devastation. The discovery of the fully automatic submachine gun is particularly concerning, as these types of weapons are heavily regulated and not commonly owned by private individuals.

Following the seizure of the firearms, an emergency gun violence restraining order was obtained and served. Myers was subsequently arrested and booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail. The San Jose Police Department praised the efforts of the officers involved in the operation, specifically the Recruit Officers, who showed great initiative and epitomized the department’s belief that fewer guns on the streets equate to fewer violent crimes committed in San José.

San Jose Police Chief, Anthony Mata, spoke highly of the officers’ dedication to keeping the community safe, stating, “The recruit Officers took it upon themselves to locate and arrest a person who had demonstrated he was no longer a responsible firearm owner.” Mata also praised the department’s Field Training Program, which is always looking to improve and evolve.

The discovery of the firearms is particularly alarming, given the increase in gun violence across the United States. According to Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit organization that tracks gun violence in the country, there have been over 170 mass shootings in the US in 2021 alone. The ease of access to firearms is one of the primary factors contributing to this alarming trend.

The San Jose Police Department’s swift response to the road rage incident and subsequent seizure of firearms is commendable. The officers’ dedication to keeping the community safe is a testament to the department’s commitment to serving and protecting the residents of San José. The seizure of such a vast cache of firearms and ammunition is a step towards reducing the number of guns on the streets and, hopefully, lowering the incidence of gun violence in the area.

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