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The spooky discovery behind the wall: New homeowners find disturbing items in secret chamber

Moving into a new home can be an exciting but stressful experience, especially when you discover something unexpected behind a wall. For Steven and Carolyn Sparks, the excitement of their new home in Brighton quickly turned to fear after finding a secret chamber with some dubious goods inside.

The couple had planned to renovate their new home and required thorough blueprints to do so. During a survey of the property, the architect and Steven found a door in one of the bathrooms that led to a hidden room. The basement of the building wasn’t included in the listing agent’s information and wasn’t visible to Carolyn and her husband when they first inspected the property.

The room was part of the original Victorian house and was intended to store coal, with an access hole visible outside the house. However, when Steven and Carolyn entered the room, they found much more than just coal. The first thing they noticed was a white iron bed frame hidden away in one corner.

Carolyn commented in a video, “That bed is terrifying. I thought it’d be humorous to the record since all we could see was cobwebs and suggested it would feel creepy.”

The homeowners also noticed old discarded boxes heaped high in one corner along with the child’s bed, which added to the bizarre setting. They were naturally curious and asked the previous renter about the room’s past.

Fortunately, the explanation was not as sinister as they had feared. The renter said her daughter had used the room to create a horror movie for a college project, but she never got around to moving the bed back out of the room due to her health and her phobia of spiders.

Despite the more comforting explanation, the room was undoubtedly unsettling. The couple couldn’t help but feel a bit frightened and shaken by the discovery.

“It’s easily missed as it’s accessed via a little WC, so not really a room you’d go into and look at in great detail,” Carolyn said.

The discovery was an unexpected and unwelcome surprise for the couple, who had hoped to find only pleasant surprises during their renovations.

For those considering purchasing a new home, it’s a reminder to always do a thorough check of the property and ask any questions that come to mind, especially when it comes to hidden rooms and unusual features. You never know what you might find.

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