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Prince Harry’s Decision to Attend Coronation Raises Questions About His Role in the Monarchy

The attendance of the royal couple at the coronation had been the subject of speculation for some time. However, it has been recently revealed that Prince Harry will attend the event alone, which has come as a surprise to many.

More than 2,000 guests are expected to be present at Westminster Abbey on May 6th, including Prince Harry. This will be his first public appearance with the Royal Family since the release of his controversial memoir, Spare. In the book, he openly expressed his disagreements with his family members, revealing a strained relationship. The decision of Meghan to decline the invitation has been seen as a continuation of these unresolved family tensions.

The media coverage of Prince Harry and Meghan, particularly negative comments directed towards Meghan, has been a cause of anxiety for the couple. This concern has been highlighted in their Netflix series as well as in Prince Harry’s book. Despite the uncertainty surrounding his attendance, it has now been confirmed that he will be present at the Abbey, along with his brother Prince William, for the coronation of King Charles.

The date of the coronation, May 6th, also happens to be the fourth birthday of Prince Harry and Meghan’s son, Prince Archie. Meghan and Archie will not attend the event and will remain in the United States. In a statement, the couple announced that “The Duke of Sussex will attend the Coronation service at Westminster Abbey on May 6th. The Duchess of Sussex will remain in California with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.”

There has been a divided reaction on social media to Meghan’s decision not to attend. While some have praised her for standing up for herself, others have criticized her for “snubbing” her royal in-laws. Both the couple’s spokesperson and Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the matter.

As Prince Harry is no longer a “working royal”, it is uncertain what role he will play in the ceremony. In the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, he and Meghan were not allowed to appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony, which is a traditional event for members of the Royal Family. It is expected that Prince Charles will have a prominent role in the coronation, and all eyes will be on the reunion of the two brothers.

Prince Harry’s memoir, which detailed a physical altercation between him and his brother and their arguments about their father’s marriage to Camilla, has caused much speculation about their relationship. The coronation will be an opportunity for them to be seen together again.

The Queen Consort’s grandchildren will be among the children with roles at the coronation, and Buckingham Palace has said that after the event, it will be an “appropriate time” for her to become known as Queen Camilla. The Royal Family will also attend public events and concerts during the long weekend, but it is unclear how long Prince Harry will stay in the UK.

Prince Harry did make a surprise appearance in London in March for a court hearing about allegations of privacy breaches, but he did not meet his brother or the King during his visit.

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