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Prince Harry to Attend King Charles III’s Coronation: Putting His Foot in the Door or Mending Fences?

Prince Harry has confirmed that he will be attending his father King Charles III’s upcoming coronation, but experts speculate how the Sussex reunion with the royal family might play out. Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, revealed that the seating chart for the coronation has Harry sitting ten rows back from his brother Prince William and the rest of the working royals, a sign that some may read as a cold reception towards Harry. Burrell believes Harry’s attendance is to put his foot in the door and that he is coming because his father wants him to be there.

The seating chart for the coronation has attracted attention as it has been placed in such a way that some have taken it as a cold reception for Harry. This is mainly due to Harry’s tumultuous past with the royal family, which he revealed in his memoir and bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021. According to The Sun, Burrell believes that the Windsors would give Harry an icy reception, and there is no chance of reconciliation anytime soon.

Some might ask why Harry’s attendance at the coronation has become such a big deal. Burrell says that Harry is attending to put his foot in the door and his father wants him to be there. It seems likely that King Charles is pleased to have both of his sons there on one of the biggest days of his life, despite their current rapport.

Burrell added that Harry would likely leave shortly after the ceremony as he does not want to spend much time around the royal family. He is only attending to show face. Harry’s seating arrangement at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II drew criticism from some commentators, as he was not in the front row. Harry’s and Meghan’s resignation from their roles as working royals in 2020 may explain why Harry was not seated in the front row at Charles’s coronation.

Other reports suggest that the front row of the coronation will be reserved for working royals. This could be the reason why Harry will not be sitting with his other family members. It is possible that Harry was specifically assigned a seat further back so as not to draw attention from the other royals. However, anywhere Harry sits is likely to attract attention and stir up conversation.

In conclusion, Harry’s attendance at the coronation is a significant event for both him and the royal family. Although some experts speculate that Harry’s seating chart is a sign of a cold reception, King Charles is undoubtedly pleased to have both his sons present on such a momentous occasion. Harry’s relationship with the royal family remains turbulent, but his attendance at the coronation shows a willingness to bridge the divide.

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