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Neighbor Holds Injured 6-Year-Old After Crash That Kills Mother

As the sun rose on Tuesday morning in Los Angeles’ Mid-Wilshire area, a tragic incident occurred that left a young girl without a mother. A neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous but referred to herself as Cassandra, heard screams and immediately ran outside to investigate. Upon arriving at the scene, she saw a 6-year-old girl lying motionless on the ground and assumed she was dead. However, she still held the girl close, providing comfort and solace in her final moments.

“When I put my head to hers, all I could say was, ‘Baby girl, you are not alone. I’m here, baby. Hear my voice,” Cassandra recounted, her voice shaking with emotion.

In a miraculous turn of events, the girl moaned, and Cassandra quickly called for someone to dial 911. She remained by the first-grader’s side, refusing to let go of her hand. Although Cassandra knew that the mother was dead, she continued to provide comfort to the young girl who had lost so much.

“I want the family, if anyone is listening, to know that in those moments, she was not alone. She was not alone. I did not let go of her hand,” Cassandra declared, her words bursting with emotion.

The crash occurred in the 6000 block of Colgate Avenue, close to the Hancock Park Elementary School. The woman in her 30s and her daughter were walking near a curve in the road when they were struck by a pickup truck. The vehicle continued on, eventually colliding with a nearby two-story apartment building.

The incident left the girl critically injured and her mother dead, a tragedy that will be felt by their loved ones for years to come. However, thanks to the selflessness of Cassandra and others who came to help, the young girl was not alone in her final moments.

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