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Mom defends decision to name daughter Pickle despite online criticism

The polarizing decision of a mother to christen her daughter with a moniker based on a snack has caused a stir among many. Frazzle, Pringle, Kettle, or Monster Munch aren’t exactly names that exude gravitas, and responding to a school morning roll call with such a title would certainly cause one to feel embarrassed. Given that scenario, naming a child after a beloved snack food is hardly advisable.

However, one mother had a different opinion, and decided to name her daughter after a snack item. The identity of the TikToker’s favorite snack remains shrouded in mystery. Recently, a mother of two, Chantel Schnider, took to the platform to share with her audience the name she had picked for her offspring.

In the video, the mother is seen gulping pickle juice. The caption boldly states, “I’m going to receive hatred for her name, but we’ll call her Pickle.”

While I personally find the name Pickle to be quite endearing, as evidenced by my dog’s name, I find it hard to fathom calling a young child by that name. To put it mildly, not all of Schnider’s supporters were convinced.

Some users defended the mother’s naming selection. “My 24-year-old daughter has always been our pickle,” one TikToker wrote.

“DO THE PICKLE TREND, YOU MUST! (adorable name, btw), “another composed. However, many people expressed concerns about the child being ridiculed in the future.

“Don’t be surprised when she comes back from school crying,” one user said. “Pickle, will you marry me?” a second said. Someone else chimed in, “WHO THE HELL SPITS OUT A CHILD AND LOOKS AT HER/HIM AND SAYS, “I’ll name you to pickle”?”

“She not going to forgive u for that when she grows up,” was the conclusion. Even though many people use the word “pickle” as a term of endearment, it actually refers to a small pickled cucumber, or as per the Urban Dictionary, “the body of a violently drowned cucumber.” On the other hand, it can also be used to signify finding oneself in a tricky situation.

None of these definitions, except for the love of pickles, is particularly flattering or appropriate to be associated with. In a subsequent video, Schnider addressed some of the criticism she had received regarding the name of her daughter.

She repeated one of the comments she had received in the video, which reads, “You can’t name your child Pickle.” She responded, singing along, “Why not?” “I think her name fits her just perfectly, don’t you besties?” the caption concluded.

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