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From Dining to Recreation: What Makes Peachtree City a Must-Visit Destination

If you are looking for a hidden gem in the great state of Georgia, look no further than Peachtree City. This resort-style town may not be on everyone’s radar, but it offers a unique and relaxing lifestyle that makes it a great place to visit or live.

Peachtree City has a population of approximately 39,000 people and is located just 25 minutes from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Despite its proximity to a major city, Peachtree City feels like a small town, thanks to its embrace of golf cart culture and its many miles of paved multi-use paths.

According to one website that compiled a list of the most underrated places in Georgia, Peachtree City is a place that many travelers overlook. However, those who do visit the town often find that it offers a vacation-like experience that is hard to find anywhere else.

The town’s website boasts that visitors can discover Peachtree City at 15 miles per hour, thanks to the many miles of paved paths that connect the town’s various amenities. These paths lead to shopping, dining, resort-style hotels, conference centers, golf courses, and other recreation options.

One of the things that makes Peachtree City unique is that cars are not required to get around town. Instead, visitors can rent a golf cart and use it to explore the town’s various attractions. This not only adds to the vacation-like feel of the town but also helps to reduce traffic and make the town more eco-friendly.

Peachtree City is divided into five distinct villages, each with its own shops, restaurants, and other amenities. Visitors can browse locally-owned boutiques and national chains or enjoy premier dining experiences featuring almost every cuisine imaginable.

In addition to its many amenities, Peachtree City is also home to numerous parks and natural areas. The town boasts over 100 miles of golf cart paths, which wind through wooded areas, along lakes and ponds, and past scenic views. These paths are not just for golf carts, though. Visitors can also use them for walking, running, or biking.

Despite all that Peachtree City has to offer, it remains relatively unknown to many travelers and Georgia residents. However, those who have visited the town often come away impressed by its unique charm and relaxed lifestyle.

So, should Peachtree City have made the list of most underrated places in Georgia? Absolutely. This town offers a vacation-like experience that is hard to find anywhere else. Whether you are looking to visit or live in Georgia, Peachtree City is a hidden gem that is worth exploring.

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