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Buckingham Palace Extends Olive Branch to Harry and Meghan as They Support King Charles III’s Coronation

The policies of the Royal family and Prince Harry appear to have undergone a change, as they have displayed newfound respect for each other. The palace caused a stir by announcing that Harry will attend King Charles III’s coronation on May 6, despite the serious allegations made by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex against some senior royals.

In a surprising statement, Buckingham Palace declared that they are pleased to confirm Harry’s attendance at his father’s crowning ceremony while Meghan Markle stays in California to care for their children, Archie and Lilibet. Some believe that the royal family is attempting to present a united front for the monarch’s momentous occasion and have therefore extended an olive branch to the couple.

Meanwhile, Meghan and Harry also appear to have altered their stance on the Firm by deciding to support the King on his big day, despite their issues with the Firm. However, only a few experts have questioned why the Duke agreed to travel to the UK, leaving his wife and children alone in the US.

Harry had previously demanded an apology from the royal family for his wife Meghan, and he expressed this sentiment in an interview with the Daily Telegraph. He said, “You know what you did, and I now know why you did it. And you’ve been caught out, so just come clean.” He added that if people had listened when he first spoke about his concerns, he and his wife would not have had a rift with his family, and that it was all so avoidable.

It is unclear what he is asking his family to apologise for, but Harry has spoken in the past about royals who have been opposed to his relationship with his wife. He also expressed confusion in the interview about why it seemed so shocking and outrageous that he was attempting to tell what he called the “truthful” side of his story. He said that he wanted to continue “the good fight” by standing up for his wife and encouraging other men to do the same.

Now, the relationship between the two parties appears to be taking a new turn, and fans are questioning whether the royal family has apologised to Meghan or if the Sussexes have given in to the monarchy. There are also reports that Meghan wants to heal the rift with the royal family for her and Harry’s children, Archie and Lilibet, as she wants them to meet their grandfather.

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