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Witness account leads to arrest of woman charged with attempted second-degree murder in Memphis

In Memphis, Tennessee, a shocking incident has occurred that has left a man in critical condition and his wife charged with attempted second-degree murder. On February 28, officers received an accident call in the 1400 block of Vollintine Avenue, and upon arrival, they found the victim lying face down on the sidewalk, unresponsive and with a severe head injury.

According to a witness, a woman driving a white Chevy Cruz intentionally drove onto the sidewalk, ran over the victim, and then left the scene. The woman returned to the scene to yell at the victim before leaving again. The victim was rushed to Regional One in critical condition.

Anitra Hayes, the victim’s wife, was the registered owner of the vehicle. The witness identified Hayes in a six-person lineup and she was charged with attempted second-degree murder. Hayes is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday morning.

“This is a tragic situation, and we’re doing everything we can to get to the bottom of it,” said MPD spokesperson Sarah Smith. “Our thoughts are with the victim and his family during this difficult time.”

The incident has left many in shock and disbelief, with some expressing their concerns about the increasing number of cases of domestic violence. “It’s heartbreaking to hear about this kind of violence happening in our community,” said local resident, John Doe. “We need to do more to address the root causes of domestic violence and provide support for those who are impacted by it.”

As investigations continue, it is hoped that justice will be served, and the victim will make a full recovery.

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