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Virginia Cities Rank High on List of Rudest Cities in America

In the state of Virginia, two of its cities have earned a dubious distinction of being among the most impolite cities in America, according to the Business Insider website’s recent report on the top 50 impolite cities in the United States. Richmond, VA and Virginia Beach, VA were listed as the 45th and 42nd rudest cities, respectively.

One possible reason why Richmond ranked low on the list is due to a peculiar law since 1860, where it is prohibited to use vulgar language in public places, and a violator could face a fine of up to $250, as reported by the Washington Post. However, Delegate Michael Webert, a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, was trying to repeal this law in 2017, citing the law’s restriction on free speech.

Meanwhile, a lawyer in Virginia Beach named John Crandley, was reprimanded multiple times for his unbecoming behavior in court in 2015. The website mentioned that he had referred to cases as “crap” and insulted other lawyers by calling their statements “nonsense” and “baloney.” Consequently, he was detained twice for his insolent and sarcastic courtroom demeanor and was disciplined for the third time.

Despite the inclusion of these two cities on the list, many people still love and appreciate them, and it should not deter anyone from visiting. As a matter of fact, the survey indicated that only 1.6% and 1.9% of people surveyed regarded Richmond and Virginia Beach, respectively, as rude cities.

Have you been to Richmond or Virginia Beach before? What was your impression of their people? Were they impolite or courteous? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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