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Ukrainians and Supporters Rally Against Russian Aggression in DC

Amidst second year of Russia’s invasion, Ukrainian demonstrators protest at Russian Ambassador’s residence in D.C.

A group of thousands of mostly Ukrainian protesters delivered a message to the Russian Ambassador’s home in D.C., as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine entered its second year. Some demonstrators shouted, “You are murderers! You are rapists!” outside the residence. It’s unclear whether the ambassador was at home at the time. Ukraine’s Ambassador to the U.S., Oksana Markarova, who joined the rally at the Lincoln Memorial, said, “We will not surrender. We will not give up.” She added that the rally was about “365 days of heroic, almost impossible fight.” Many Ukrainian Americans from around the D.C. area attended to show support for their loved ones back home. Some American citizens with relatives in Ukraine also joined the rally.

Dr. Alex Misiats, a mathematics professor at VCU, said, “The missiles go over the house on average every two weeks. They also have drones that come once in awhile and explode or being shot down by the Ukrainian Air Defense.” Meanwhile, Jennifer Kukorlo from Alexandria expressed her concern for her cousins, saying, “Just hanging in, doing the best they can. Talk about a tough group of people. The resilience.” The organizers called for the creation of a U.N. war crimes tribunal and a ban on Russian athletes in international competitions.

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