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Royal watchers anticipate grand coronation ceremony, despite scandals and controversies

Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, has been in the headlines in recent years due to his involvement in a sex abuse scandal. He was forced to step back from his royal duties following allegations from Virginia Giuffre that he had sexually abused her when she was underage. Despite vehemently denying these allegations, Andrew’s reputation has taken a significant hit, and he has faced public criticism for his actions.

Despite this scandal, Prince Andrew is still a member of the royal family, and he will reportedly attend a Royal Victorian Order party today with King Charles. This event recognizes service and loyalty to the monarch, and it is expected that the Duke of York will wear his ermine robes to the occasion. These robes are a symbol of his position as a Knight of the Garter, a personal honor that he still holds despite losing his military and HRH titles.

However, there has been controversy surrounding Prince Andrew’s attendance at this event, with some accusing him of trying to “worm his way back into public life.” Former MP Norman Baker has spoken out against the Duke, claiming that he is doing everything possible to regain public favor. Baker is quoted as saying, “[Andrew] is simply being allowed to play dressing up as a royal for the day when really he should be serving a long period of silence.”

In contrast, Ingrid Seward of Majesty magazine has suggested that Prince Andrew’s membership in the royal family means that he has the right to attend the event. She stated, “He is a member, so they probably couldn’t stop him going even if they wanted to.”

Despite the controversy surrounding his attendance at the Royal Victorian Order party, Prince Andrew is reportedly “furious” that he may be stripped of the privilege of wearing ceremonial robes at the upcoming coronation on May 6. Reports suggest that King Charles may ban his brother from wearing these robes, a move that has left Andrew feeling disrespected and undervalued.

Andrew’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, has also been in the news recently after revealing that she has not yet received an invitation to the coronation. Although she remains hopeful that she will be invited, she has made plans to open a tea room with bunting and cakes if she is not selected to attend.

The coronation itself is set to be a grand affair, featuring processions, a religious ceremony, and an appearance on the palace balcony by members of the royal family. Despite the controversies surrounding Prince Andrew and his family, this event is sure to be a highlight of the year for many royal watchers.

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