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Road Rage, Bullies, and Photo Shoot Bans: The Worst Cities in Texas

In the alluring state of Texas, a harrowing revelation has surfaced, with three cities being named among the most impolite cities in America.

According to the Business Insider website, a catalog of the top 50 insolent cities in the United States was compiled, where three Texas cities made it to the top 25. Here’s a lowdown of what they were.

  1. Houston, TX. This place was rated as the 18th rudest city in America.

The website states, “In 2017, the residents of a well-maintained Houston neighborhood erected signs to prohibit photo shoots. The signs read: “Welcome to Broadacres; NO photo shoots.” The then-president of the Broadacres Homeowners Association, Cece Fowler, said that these signs were put up after the neighborhood was inundated with up to 50 photo shoots every week – from weddings to quinceañera celebrations and graduation photos.”

“Jill Brown, a nearby resident, voiced her disagreement with the ban and told the Houston Chronicle. “When you think of the diversity in the city, there it is. It’s all races, and you have people dressed up for quinceañeras and weddings and Indian dress, and it’s festive,” the website also says.

Approximately 5.3% of people surveyed opined that Houston was the most discourteous city in America.

  1. Austin, TX. This place was ranked as the 16th rudest city in the United States.

The website says, “Last year, a company based in Austin released a three-minute video using footage from dashboard cameras to display discourteous and hazardous driving in the city. The video showcased a montage of reckless driving, including cars turning into traffic, cutting off other vehicles, driving through busy intersections, and even a head-on collision.”

6.6% of people surveyed believed that Austin was the most impolite city in America.

  1. Dallas, TX. This place was ranked as the 14th rudest city in the United States.

The website says, “At least one person is combating rude behavior in Dallas, and he’s only seven years old. The young rapper named Michael Smith, who goes by the name “Lil’ Money Mike,” is fighting bullying and impoliteness through his songs, as CBS-DFW reported. In September, he released “Bully-Proof,” on YouTube. He hoped that it would encourage people to “stop talking mean to people and stop saying rude things to people.”

6.9% of people surveyed considered Dallas as the most discourteous city in America.

Despite making it to this list, these three cities still enjoy the love and appreciation of numerous people and shouldn’t hinder you from visiting!

So, these are the cities in Texas that have been ranked as some of the most impolite cities in the United States.

What’s your take on this? Do you believe these places deserve a spot on this list? Have you visited these cities before? Did you have a positive experience there? Were the people there courteous or rude? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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