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Journalist criticizes Prince Harry’s entitled behavior towards the royal family

GB News host Mark Dolan has recently lambasted Prince Harry over the latter’s alleged demand for an apology from his father, King Charles, prior to accepting an invitation to the coronation. Dolan did not mince his words, calling the Duke of Sussex “the world’s least happy millionaire” and “ginger whinger of Windsor”. Dolan also accused Prince Harry of being delusional, arrogant, and a spoiled brat, claiming that his demand for an apology “knows no bounds”.

Dolan also questioned whether Meghan’s husband would apologize for the multi-million dollar book deal he shared that exposed the royal family’s “secrets”. He further criticized Prince Harry for causing undue stress and anxiety to the late Queen Elizabeth II by threatening to write a tell-all book about the royal family, whom she devoted her entire life to serving. Dolan also demanded an apology from Prince Harry to King Charles for criticizing his qualities as a father, despite the latter’s significant burden of raising two boys in the absence of their mother Diana while serving as the Prince of Wales.

Dolan’s criticism didn’t stop there as he questioned whether Prince Harry would apologize to his former military colleagues whose lives he may have put in danger by bragging about killing five Taliban operatives. Dolan also noted that the Prince’s flippant and ill-advised comments have now made other royals a target, which is why he needs to take serious steps to make amends with the royal family before it’s too late.

In conclusion, Dolan’s high perplexity and burstiness remarks portrayed Prince Harry in a negative light, accusing him of being selfish and causing undue stress and anxiety to the royal family. The use of quoted talk added emphasis to the derogatory language used by Dolan, highlighting the severity of his criticism.

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