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Valerie Bertinelli Finds Success with Dry January

Valerie Bertinelli, the 62-year-old Food Network star, is proud of her achievement of completing Dry January, and the results she’s been seeing. She shared in a TikTok video on Saturday that the absence of alcohol had a significant impact on her body, causing her jeans to become loose. Bertinelli expressed her satisfaction with the side effect, and humorously acknowledged that she likes it.

She also received comments from followers who revealed that they too feel healthier after completing Dry January or even Dry October. Bertinelli is considering extending the sobriety challenge to other months, such as “sober October” and “dry July.”

In a previous post, Bertinelli revealed her reasons for participating in Dry January, mainly to cut down her sugar cravings and decrease cortisol levels caused by stress. She stated that she had been drinking less for several months, and her decision to participate was to “reset” her body’s nervous system.

Bertinelli was careful to explain that this was just her personal “theory” and that she is not a doctor. She concluded her post by saying that her goal is to “reset and regulate” her body, and that if you take care of yourself, she’ll take care of herself.

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