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Understanding Hair Loss: Causes and Solutions

The enigma of hair loss has been known to have devastating impacts on people’s mental well-being and self-confidence. To decode the mystery, one must understand the life cycle of hair follicles. Prof Syed Hatim Ali Shah, consultant dermatologist & head of the Department at Liaquat National Hospital, shared at a public health awareness seminar that most hair is currently in the growth phase. However, from a poor diet to unfavorable hair practices, the reasons for hair loss can be varied. Sometimes the reasons can be out of control, such as the effects of monsoons and winters on hair fall.

Here are a few things you can do to combat hair loss, although it is crucial to first consult a medical professional before opting for treatment. It is recommended to maintain a healthy diet, including food rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Using mild and natural hair care products can also be beneficial. Stress can be a factor for hair loss, and managing stress levels through relaxation techniques such as meditation or deep breathing can be beneficial. A healthy scalp is fundamental for hair growth, so keeping it clean and free from product buildup by washing it regularly is necessary. Lastly, in severe cases, medical treatments such as prescription medications or hair transplant surgery may be required.

Remember, preventing hair loss requires patience, consistent effort, and care, but with a little perseverance, healthy hair growth can be stimulated.

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