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UK Defense Secretary criticizes Prince Harry for revealing Taliban fighter kills

UK Defense Secretary disagrees with Prince Harry’s decision to share his kill count, saying it “lets down” the rest of the armed forces. In his autobiography “Spare,” Prince Harry claims to have killed 25 Taliban fighters while serving in the British Army in Afghanistan.

However, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace believes “boasting about tallies” distorts the fact that the army is a team game. “It’s not about who can shoot the most or who doesn’t shoot the most,” Wallace said in a radio interview, adding that the focus should be on the team’s overall efforts.

He also feels that talking about who did what is not beneficial and can lead to others being let down. In his book, Prince Harry describes how advancements in technology allowed him to determine his kill count and how he saw the combatants as “chess pieces removed from the board.

” Despite criticism from some British military figures and the Taliban itself, Prince Harry maintains that sharing this detail is meant to help reduce veteran suicides.

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