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From Two to Five: The Miracle of the Kinova Family

In a stunning turn of events, a couple in the Czech Republic have welcomed not one, but five new additions to their family. Alexandra and Antonin Kinova, who already had one child, were delighted to find out that they were expecting twins. However, their joy turned to disbelief when their doctor requested to see them again and revealed that they were actually expecting quadruplets.

Overcome with emotion, Alexandra said, “When we finally found a fifth head, I started to cry.” The chances of naturally conceiving quintuplets were a staggering one in seven million, but that wasn’t the only surprise in store for the Kinovas. A month later, another ultrasound showed that they were expecting a fifth baby, bringing the grand total to five.

The couple named their four boys Daniel, Michael, Alex, and Martin, and their baby girl Tereza. According to doctor Alena Mechurova, “In our country (birth) statistics have been recorded since 1949 and there’s no mention of quintuplets. In the Czech Republic quintuplets are born on average once every 480 years.”

It’s safe to say that the Kinovas have a lot to be thankful for, as well as a lot of adjusting to do. Alexandra even plans to breastfeed all five babies. “We cannot complain about anything,” Antonin said. “Now we have even got used to the numbers.”

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