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Bachelor Australia’s Megan Marx Talks Plastic Surgery and Neurological Disorder

The famed Australian television personality Megan Marx is revealing personal details about her neurological disorder as well as her forthcoming plastic surgery plans. On her Instagram Story, the 33-year-old updated her fans about her health status in response to a Q&A session with her followers on Monday.

When asked about whether she had undergone a redo of her breast augmentation, which she had first done at the age of 18, Marx responded in the negative. Her physician, she said, was concerned about her sudden weight loss and wanted to ensure that she was in a healthy state of mind before committing to a firm plan. Marx was appreciative of her doctor’s ethical approach and placed more importance on her overall health and well-being than on her physical appearance.

Despite experiencing some physical setbacks, Marx remains optimistic and appreciative of what she can still do, including “love-making and skinny dipping and hiking and painting and food-ing and bad dancing and awful conversations at bars.” She remains positive, acknowledging that she still has many years of living to do despite her diagnosis.

Marx was recently diagnosed with Spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA6), a degenerative neurological disease that affects the cerebellum and spinal cord. The disorder typically manifests symptoms after the age of 18, and as it progresses, can cause difficulties with speech, mobility, hand-eye coordination, and other physical functions. Although there is no known cure, Marx remains optimistic and plans to take advantage of her current state of good health before neurological degeneration takes hold.

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