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Tragic story of girl’s life of medical care turns out to be fabricated by mother

“Mother Falsely Claims Daughter Ill, Leads to Tragic Death and Legal Fallout”

Reports indicate that Olivia Gant, a young girl from Colorado, was subjected to numerous medical procedures, strong drugs, and countless hospital visits, all stemming from her mother’s claims of the child’s supposed health issues. Pictures posted on social media by the mother often showed the girl in a hospital bed, where she spent much of her childhood. Despite no doctor witnessing her daughter’s supposed seizures, the mother convinced medical personnel to put the child on strong medication that left her weak and bedridden.

According to the Irish Mirror, the girl’s mother, Kelly, also created a GoFundMe page that raised more than $22,000. She claimed that her daughter suffered from a variety of conditions, including autism, developmental delays, and fluid on the brain. She even told medical personnel that keeping her daughter alive was unfair, as she had no quality of life. Eventually, the girl passed away due to complications from multiple medical conditions, including what was reported as intestinal failure.

However, suspicions were raised about Olivia’s supposed health issues when her sister was said to be experiencing bone pain, and the mother claimed the girl had previously had cancer. When doctors could find no records of a cancer diagnosis, they began to question Olivia’s medical history. After exhuming her body, an autopsy revealed that the girl did not have any of the illnesses her mother had claimed. During an interview with investigators, the mother even mentioned Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy, admitting that she had been fabricating her daughter’s illnesses.

Authorities discovered that the mother had defrauded the Medicaid system of more than $538,000 and had subjected her daughter to unnecessary hospital visits and surgical procedures to treat illnesses she had never actually had. She was ultimately charged with murder, child abuse, theft, and fraud, and in 2022, weeks before her trial, she made a plea deal and was sentenced to 16 years in prison. Olivia’s family also blamed the CHC, where the girl was treated for five years, and the organization settled a private lawsuit for an undisclosed amount.

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