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18-Year-Old Found Dead with Multiple Gunshot Wounds After Party

Shocking news, as an anonymous tip-off has led to the discovery of a young man’s body in a pool of blood, with his shoes inexplicably removed. 18-year-old Jacob Hills was found dead after being reported missing by his family, following a party at an apartment building where he was later discovered. Authorities revealed that he had suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was discovered in the basement of a building.

In a heart-wrenching statement, the victim’s mother, Sadie Hills, told a local news station that her son was found “in a pool of blood.” Moreover, she revealed that her son had recently acquired a rifle “in his car when he got off” at a party in Detroit and believed he may have been targeted because of his new possession and graduation. “They stole shoes from his feet,” she lamented.

Detroit Police Department Commander Michael McGinnis addressed the media at a press conference, revealing that the victim had an interest in purchasing firearms. “I don’t want to go into that level of detail with this. Whether it was in his area or in this area,” he added enigmatically.

It remains unclear what transpired after the party, but Hills’ family is left to grieve the loss of a promising young man. Commander McGinnis stated, “I’m sure he was here for the party. What happened from that point to where we are, these are the answers we need to get for our family.”

Hills’ family grew increasingly concerned when he did not return home on Sunday, leading them to track his phone. They found his car and phone in Dearborn Heights. Hills’ father later received a devastating call from an anonymous number informing him of the tragic discovery.

Detectives are working tirelessly to identify the perpetrators and provide justice for the Hills family. “His life is getting shorter and our detectives are working hard to identify the criminals in this case and bring justice to his family,” McGinnis said, making a plea for anyone with information to contact the Detroit Police Department Murder line.


For information on the disappearance and death of Hills, please call the Detroit Police Department Murder (313-596-2260)

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